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Hexagon Marble Bust iOS

Are you fan of bubble buster games like Frozen Bubble? Try this one and you'll never look back. Fresh HD graphics with several different themes, lots of levels and more to come! Classic bubble buster / bubble shoot / match three game with a twist. Levels consist of honeycomb like area filled with hexagons. You shoot color hexagons to clear the play area. When 3 and more hexagons of same color touches, they fall down. Win the level by clearing whole honeycomb field. This game takes the best of bubble shooting games like Frozen Bubble, mixes it with marble shooters aspect found in Luxor and pushes it to the max. That ensures there are lots of details you'll find as you progress through the game. This game was ported from Android, but instead of 1:1 port there are lot of new elements added. Starting with own music for each theme, using particles effects like explosions to animations not used in Android counterpart. iOS version also have various minigames built-in



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