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Currency Converter ²

Formerly known as "Swift Currency Converter". Looking for a very fast live currency converter?

Currency Converter ² lets you quickly convert any currency with live conversion rates in just few second. You can also check the live currency rates anytime and anywhere. This simple currency converter app allows you to choose between different sources of updates such as:

App was promoted in printed version of Guardian.co.uk magazine on 7th of January 2017 (Android version): Swift (Rapid) Currency Converter in Guardian.co.uk. That has to mean something, right?

European Central Bank, Bank of England, Yahoo finance, Brazil Central Bank, Central Bank of Russia, Bank of Canada, Reserve bank of Australia, Bank of Thailand, National Bank of Ukraine, Bank of Israel, National bank of Moldova, National bank of Denmark, National bank of Romania, Bank of Iceland, National bank of Kyrgyz Republic, Czech national bank, Vietcom bank, Swiss national bank, Bank Pekao Poland

Use the currency converter and get the latest and live currency rates. The app always keeps you up to date with the currency market prices and help you make quick decisions.

The intuitive currency converter app is very easy to use with simple user interface and easy navigation control. Just feed in the currency you want to check the exchange rate for! You can even choose to hide the currency details that you do not want to track on the currency converter app.

The app stores all the currencies in it's offline database. This way you save on the roaming prices and you'll get effective results anywhere you're travelling.

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